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The PS/2 port is a 6-pin mini-DIN connector used for connecting keyboards and mice to a PC compatible computer system. Its name comes from the IBM Personal System/2 series of personal computers, with which it was introduced in 1987. The PS/2 mouse connector generally replaced the older DE-9 RS-232 serial mouse connector, while the PS/2 keyboard connector replaced the larger 5-pin/180° DIN connector used in the IBM PC/AT design. The PS/2 keyboard port is electrically and logically identical t The PS/2 (AT) Keyboard Interface The PS/2 Mouse Interface The Physical Interface: The physical PS/2 port is one of two styles of connectors: The 5-pin DIN or the 6-pin mini-DIN. Both connectors are completely (electrically) similar; the only practical difference between the two is the arrangement of pins. This means th This means that we are dealing with a bi-directional type of protocol as each device (pc/keyboard) sends and receives commands. At first, we will take a look at the pin-out of the ps/2 connector (actually it might be also a 5 pins connector but is the same as a ps/2)

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  1. PS/2 protocol is hardware/BIOS supported. If your PC has PS/2 connectors for Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick then you can plug PS/2 devices into these ports. Most software supports PS/2 devices without the need to download any additional drivers. Bascially, you need a PC with PS/2 ports in order to use PS/2 devices
  2. PS/2 Mouse Based X-Y Plotter. Kushal Infotech Pvt. Lt. EXTERNAL GUIDE: Mr. G. Ghate INTERNAL GUIDE: Mrs. Preeti Salunkhe Swapna Jadhav Rani Pawal Rachana Kale Aarti Toshniwal OUTLINE Introduction Block diagram PS/2 protocol Flow Chart ARM AX4510 BOARD X Y plotter Stepper motor interface Conclusion Future plans INTRODUCTION & BLOCK DIAGRAM INTRODUCTION Aim : Project is to track a Ps/2 mouse and.
  3. PS/2 protocol keyboard, PS/2, electronics, protocol, WIP 04 Aug 2016. This post is a work in progress, so if you find it incomplete and not readable probably it's not finished yet. I prefer to publish a little before than leave a post to rust in my drafts

PS/2 Mouse Protocol Host must send 0xF4 (enable data reporting) to make sure three bytes sent every time mouse moves or button clicked: MSB LSB Y X Y X 1 Middle Right Left Overflow Sign Buttons X movement Y movement Movement values are since last transmission: 9-bit two's-complement (signed) numbers. Many more variants, modes, and other junk The PS/2 Mouse is a device that talks to a PS/2 controller using serial communication. Ideally, each different type of PS/2 controller driver should provide some sort of standard/simple send byte/receive byte interface, and the PS/2 Mouse driver would use this interface without caring about lower level details (like what type of PS/2 controller the device is plugged into) We take a look at the PS/2 mouse protocol on an oscilloscope. We examine the 5 PS/2 Frames comprising a Polling interaction. This means: 1. host sends a POLL.. Electrical Interface / Protocol: The AT and PS/2 keyboards use the same protocol as the PS/2 mouse. Click here for detailed information on this protocol. Scan Codes: Your keyboard's processor spends most of its time scanning, or monitoring, the matrix of keys Communicate with a PS/2 keyboard or mouse. Ps2 implements the PS/2 keyboard/mouse serial protocol, used in legacy devices. It is similar to UART but there are only two lines (Data and Clock). PS/2 devices are 5V, so bidirectional level converters must be used to connect the I/O lines to pins of 3.3V boards

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  1. The PS/2 sampling rate value is ignored. Baud/Sleep indicates the baud rate when used with a serial protocol (0: 1200 baud, 1: 9600 baud). It must be set whenever ABS or Rate is set. When used with the PS/2 protocol this bit indicates sleep mode - a low power mode in which finger activity is ignored and only button presses are reported
  2. The component receives data transactions from a PS/2 device and provides the PS/2 data to user logic over a parallel interface. It also accepts commands from user logic over a parallel interface and transmits them to the PS/2 device per the PS/2 protocol. It was designed using Quartus II, version 13.1
  3. gs. Data transmissions to and from the auxiliary device connector consist of an 11-bit data stream sent serially over the 'data' line. The following table shows the function of each bit
  4. Re: PS/2 serial protocol decoding Post by Martyn » Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:47 am There are two methods to create decoders, using XML based on the schema will work for simple protocols, using a C# dll can be used for more complicated protocols which may be applicable in this case
  5. PS/2 (IBM Personal System/2) is an interface for keyboards and mice to PC compatible computer systems via a 6-pin Mini-DIN connector. The computing system must provide the keyboard or mouse with 5V source and ground connections

PS/2 had a richer command set, and had mouse and keyboard protocols, whereas the DIN5 PCAT interface only worked with keyboards. the DIN5 PCXT did not support the ability to control keyboard LEDs. PS/2 Keyboard library for Arduino. That library implements the PS/2 protocol for keyboards. You can then interface with an old PS/2 keyboard, or emulate key events to a computer with a PS/2 port. Setup Instructions. Copy the folder FidPS2 in your arduino libraries folder. Then, include the header files in your project source file UEFI protocols for Windows. 04/20/2017; 2 minutes to read; b; m; In this article. Note Some information in this section may apply only to Windows 10 Mobile and certain processor architectures.. This section describes UEFI protocols that are defined by Windows. These protocols expand up on the protocols defined by the UEFI specification, and they are used by Windows to accomplish specific. The PS/2 mouse protocol sends messages that are three bytes long. However, within a continuous byte stream, it's not obvious where messages start and end. The only indication is that the first byte of each three byte message always has bit[3]=1 (but bit[3] of the other two bytes may be 1 or 0 depending on data)

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PS/2 keyboard's electronic protocol can be easily realized with embedded systems. This alternative should not be forgotten for cases needing to save I/O pins or require utilizing alternative input devices such as laser scanners or slot readers. References 1) Adam Chapweske - PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard Protocol, 199 Website: http://www.emaraic.com*****code file :https://github.com/emara-geek/arduino-with-PS-2-MouseInfo about ps/2 protocol:-http://www.computer-eng..

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The PS/2 protocol is a bit strange as the peripheral sets the clock. Since PS/2 is a bidirectional protocol, the mouse also accepts commands. The host - [David]'s PIC - must send the mouse a. PS2 - PS/2 Controller Version (v1.0) Feb 12, 2009 1 See the section Transmission from PS/2 device to Controller for full details of the transmission protocol from PS/2 device to PS2 Controller. Each received data frame is shifted out through the Receive Shift Register However, PS/2 is clocked by the keyboard and its frequency lies at anywhere between 10.0-16.7 kHz, again, this method is NOT in compliance of the protocol at all, and could only work by chance, so it's more of a clever trick than a proper solution The microcontroller based systems implemented in any kind of applications are actually stand-alone tiny computers. They can give output through display screens, loudspeaker etc. like a personal computer does. The microcontroller systems can take input also from standard input devices like keyboard, mouse etc. like a PC does. This article explains how to interface a standard PS2 mouse with the. PS/2 (i8042prt) driver. 04/20/2017; 3 minutes to read; b; D; In this article. This topic describes the features of I8042prt, the Microsoft Windows 2000 and later system function driver for PS/2-style keyboard and mouse devices.. I8042prt implements the I8042prt service and its executable image is i8042prt.sys

PS/2 to USB keyboard converter ===== This firmware converts PS/2 keyboard protocol to USB and for now supports only Scan Code Set 2. This will works on USB AVR(ATMega32U4, AT90USB) or V-USB. This firmware converts PS/2 keyboard protocol to USB and supports only Scan Code Set 2. This will works on USB AVR(ATMega32U4, AT90USB) or V-USB (ATMega168. The make and break codes for all keys on the PS/2 keyboard constitute the scan code set. There are three scan code sets defined but only scan code set two is recognized fully and used as the default set by all modern PS/2 keyboards. Table 1 lists all of the keys on a standard PS/2 keyboard, along with their unique scan codes. Table 1 PS/2 Mouse PS/2 synchronous bidirectional serial protocol PS/2 devices must be plugged in before the board is powered up PS/2 connector = 6 pins (or 5 pins PS/2 Controller 5 / 8 4PS/2 Mouse protocol The PS/2 mouse operates in the similar manner as the PS/2 keyboard, except the data packets are different. The mouse sends the data using 3 byte packets. Every packet consists of the relative movement since the last transmission and the button state No, what I meant is that if you want to use this adapter to connect a PS/2 mouse to a serial port on a PC (for instance an older vintage computer that does not have a PS/2 port), one could in theory modify the source code of a mouse driver (such as CuteMouse) to make it work with actual software, since the PS/2 protocol data received on the serial port would normally be alien to a serial mouse.

The PS/2 mouse interface uses a bidirectional serial protocol to transmit movement and button-position data to the computer's auxiliary device controller (keyboard controller). The computer, in turn, may send a number of commands to the mouse to set the report rate, resolution, reset the mouse, disable the mouse, etc https: AKuHAK hdl-dump downloads TIP : Some users report issues with hard disk not being detected when running under WIN 10 and the HDD is connected directly via a USB cable enclosure. If you are having similar issues, use this version located here:. Most usb keyboards are ps/2 compatible -- they can just detect when you use an adapter and start 'talking' ps/2 protocol instead of usb over the same wires. ps/2 Keyboards often don't do the same, they only operate on ps/2. They are not protocol, wire, or plug compatible with usb. HENCE why you needed that bulky ps/2 usb adapter transferring protocol i.e. PS2 and USB. The name PS2 is driven from IBM Personal System 2 by series of personal computers which was introduced in 1987.When the personal computer were introduced in market the mainly used data transmission protocol was PS2 protocol. But as the invention went on, a more compatible protocol introduced named USB

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  1. Keyboard Ps/2 protocol problem Hello to all, I am working with PIC16F648 and ICE 2000, interfacing the PC with the Keyboard. At the moment I am sending (full tested with notepad, first it was a keyboard connected at boot time) and receiving (at least I suppose receiving is OK see bellow), but I couldn't get the PC boot up with Keyboard recognized (I am using Windows XP)
  2. Models: VIP-327-PS: Accepts PS/2 mouse input and converts it to Microsoft 2 button serial mouse protocol for connection to a PC's com port. Requires power supply purchased separately, such as our VIP-211.. $65.00 VIP-327-PS-3B: Accepts PS/2 mouse input and converts it to Mouse Systems 3 button serial mouse protocol for connection to a PC's com port
  3. The PS/2 keyboard protocol allows the keyboard to generate a clock rate between 10 kHz and 16.7 kHz. At 11 bits per scancode, 10 kHz is a massive 909 scancodes per second. World-record holder Barbar

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VLSI based real time digital design implementation of PS-2 protocol to interface a Keyboard with CPLD & FPGA chips using Verilog. Component Used. Total Cost. Regulated Power Supply Seven Segment Display Relay Driver (Auto Electro Switching) using Optoco. Accessories Used. Total Cost. FPGA Chip 9500. Total Price. X Protocol used for: AT Keyboard; PS/2 Keyboard; PS/2 Mouse; Details: Protocol is bi-directional Clock frequency is 10-16.7 kHz Bit Description Comment 1 : Start bit : Always 0 2-9 : 8 Data bits : LSB first 10 : Parity bit : Odd parity 11 : Stopp bit : Always 1 Contents. 1 Device to host On the right you can see the inserted piggy-back-construction and a ribbon-cable to the PS/2-socket on the left, which I hotglued there. Using it. After you've built and connected everything, turn the power on and push keys on the keyboard; hopefully the keys you push there correspond with those you see on the screen. Notes PS/2 to RS232 Mouse Converter. A Device to drive a PS/2 / USB Combo Mouse on a RS232 Port with Cutemouse driver

The PS/2 protocol settles that Clock and Data must be open collector lines, so to make it possible to drive them by both the host and PS/2 device without any electrical problem (as an example, if the host drives the clock low for a given time when also the mouse is driving it, it means the host wants to gain the control of the communication. There are several different mice protocols and connectors. PS/2 (mostly old two button mice) several extended PS/2 versions, adds scrollweel and more buttons mice; USB; Serial mice; Touchpad; Logitech CruiseControl; Kernel 2.6. Since the 2.6 kernel these are handled by the kernel and all input is directed to /dev/input/mice. Mouse device file [SI-LIST] PS/2 Mouse Interface protocol. From: chao wang <Chao.WANG@xxxxxxx>; To: si-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 16:54:34 +0100; Hello everybody. I just want to use FPGA to simulate a PC mouse to demonstrate a new motion detection algorithm All the research I've done has shown me a lot of people converting PS/2 to USB with Arduino, and even searching for anyone trying to make a PS/2 keyboard has given me the same results. It is an old interface so I can understand this, but even now a lot of gaming and lower-end motherboards come with PS/2 for wither the latency or legacy purposes

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  1. I am getting frustrated with this sample code for connecting a PS/2 keyboard with an Arduino. I can't get it to output any characters to the serial monitor at all! I'm not sure on the pin layout of how to connect the outputs but I have the following connections: 5v -- 5v on Arduino Clock -- pin 3 Data -- pin 2 Ground -- ground on Arduin
  2. This trackball communicates via PS/2 just like your computer mous Trackball - PS/2 - COM-10758 - SparkFun Electronics Please see all COVID-19 updates here as some shipments may be delayed due to CDC safety and staffing guidelines
  3. If you have a PIC16F628(A) and a PIC-Programmer, you can make your own Amiga PS/2 mouse converter adapter, with this circuit-board easily. This Amiga PS/2 Mouse Converter adapter supports; three mouse buttons, most of optical PS/2 mice and some of USB mice (supporting PS/2 communication protocols) (with a simple and cheap USB to PS/2 converter.
  4. Description. This core aims at implementing host side of IBM PS/2 keyboard and mouse communication protocol. To run testbench: %> iverilog -DSYS_CLOCK_HZ=100000 -o ps2_host_testbench ps2_host_testbench.
  5. The PS/2 Controller only provides a method for communication of bytes between the board and the device. The style of communication that will take place (protocol) depends on the device in question. For specific information on interacting with a PS/2 Mouse or Keyboard, see the references for details
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• The ADB protocol is used by Apple Macintosh family computers. (See page 64.) In each case, the TouchPad supports the industry standard mouse protocol plus a number of TouchPad-specific extensions. This Guide describes the PS/2 and Serial protocols in complete detail, and the ADB protocol in all details not covered by Apple publications This note contains some information about PC keyboard scancodes. 1. Keyboard scancodes. 1.1 Key release; 1.2 Protocol scancodes; 1.3 Escape scancodes; 1.4 Ordinary scancodes; 1.5 Escaped scancodes; 1.6 Fake shifts; 1.7 Added non-fake shifts; 1.8 Turbo Mode; 1.9 Power Saving ; 1.10 Initializing special keyboards; 1.11 Manipulating extra LEDs; 1.12 The laptop FN key. 2. Special keyboards - XT. PS/2 mice are the best because nearly every recent computer is equipped with a PS/2 port and the logic is hard coded on the This type of mouse is connected directly to the serial port and uses the standard RS-232C protocol. The mouse gets its current from the RS-232 DRT and RTS pins and uses less than 15 mA. Pinout. Basys 3 Reference Manual The Basys 3 board is a complete, ready-to-use digital circuit development platform based on the latest Artix-7™ Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Xilinx. With its high-capacity FPGA (Xilinx part number XC7A35T-1CPG236C), low overall cost, and collection of USB, VGA, and other ports, the Basys3 can host designs ranging from introductory combinational circuits. PS/2 PS/2 keyboard/mouse interface. PWM: Encoding logic — supported Pulse-width modulation Analog level encoded in duty cycle percentage. Qi: Embedded/industrial, Wireless/RF logic — supported Qi charger protocol Protocol used by Qi receiver. RC encode: IC, IR logic — supported Remote control encoder PT2262/HX2262/SC5262 remote control.

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The ReversePipe™ Protocol Converters convert PS/2 or USB keyboards to serial RS-232 ASCII. The USB to PS/2 Converter allows use of USB keyboards and mice with PS/2 PC's. Mouse Protocol Converters change mouse type to suit your application RE: Keyboard Ps/2 protocol problem (DarioG) Hi, I have detected with the DSO (see attached figure ) that the Keyboard send the BAT command (0xAA) after POwer Up, it seems that right after the host enable transmision (at begin was inhibit), then after reception, the host again inhibit comunication..

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This document descibes the interface used by the PS/2 mouse, = PS/2=20 keyboard, and AT keyboard. I'll cover the physical and = electrical=20 interface, as well as the protocol. If you need higher-level = information, such as commands, data packet formats, or other = information=20 specific to the keyboard or mouse, I have written separate = documents for=20 the two devices CytoTune-iPS 2.0 Sendai Reprogramming Kits support cutting-edge basic research and our CTS CytoTune 2.1 Sendai Reprogramming Kit facilitates clinical and translational research The PS/2 protocol has a host-to-keyboard command for requesting a specific code set. In order to support all Model M's, upon initialization our code can request code set 3; terminal keyboards will ignore this command (they always use code set 3) while all other Model M's will honor it and we can assume that code set 3 is in use

The mouse protocol is of course still PS/2 in this case and needs to be supported by the particular mouse. Hardware. My main concern with the hardware part was that I wanted mechanical robustness. I didn't see the need for a true PCB in this case Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Miniature Keyboard- Microcontroller-Friendly PS/2 and USB ID: 857 - Add a typing interface to your project with this microcontroller-friendly miniature keyboard. We found the smallest PS/2+USB keyboard available, a mere 8.75 x 4.65 x 0.6 (220mm x 118mm x 16mm)! It's small but usable to make a great accompaniment to either a. To get the Alps touchpad working, the kernel option ALPS PS/2 mouse protocol extension ( CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_ALPS) needs to be activated. KERNEL linux-4.19

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There used to be RS232 signals on pin 2 & 6 on some old mice. A mouse with RS232 & PS/2 signal used to be called a combo-mouse. 2 is RXD and 6 is TXD. See also . AT Keyboard/Mouse protocol; PS/2_to_Serial_Mouse; Contributions . Joakim Ögren; Gilles Rie I wrote a library for a PS/2 mouse a couple of years ago. It's in the academy section, called PS/2 library. But because it's written for an old avrlib version (with a lot of cbi sbi and so on) it will not compile immediately. I'll try to correct it. J The PS/2 keyboard interface electronically identical to the long-established AT interface, but the cable connector is a 6-pin mini-DIN interface. The PCs keyboard implements a bi-directional protocol. The keyboard can send data (so called scan codes, unique for each button. Passively converting from PS/2 to USB or USB to PS/2 is only possible with mice and keyboards that are compatible with both PS/2 and USB connections. The following are two ways to determine if these products will work for you: Look on the bottom of your mouse or keyboard for a PS/2 symbol or picture, and a USB symbol or picture The way they work. Without spending time overrating either USB or PS2, it is worth knowing how they actually function. If you are not an expert in making out some complicated technical jargon, I will explain everything in simple and day to day terms

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If pins 2 and 6 in a PS/2 mouse are not connected to anything (this can be checked with a multitester), PS/2 mouse has no COM-support. Mouse resolution and tracking rate. The standard PS/2 mouse (with Logitech mouse) defaults to 160 CPI and can be switched to 40, 80, 160 or 320 CPI with software ps/2 keyboard interface VHDL. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 8k times 2. Alright so I'm trying to implement a keyboard controller for use with an altera DE2 FPGA board, and am having some issues. I have ran this. Intro: There are all sorts of guides that explain how to interface a PS2 controller already out there. The goal here is to consolidate the information and make it as fast as possible to get up and running. Please let us know about mistakes! Update: Check out the arduino ps2 library that Bill Porter helped polish. Contents: Hardware Interface / Wiring Connections Software Protocol Low Level. These protocols are defined to be the same as their corresponding address families in the socket header file.Before specifying a protocol family, the programmer should check the socket header file for currently supported protocol families.Each protocol family consists of a set of protocols The mouse emulation hardware sends these to the target server using PS/2 protocol Interoperate with an external multi-channel analog or digital KVM switch An external low-cost KVM switch allows KVM access to multiple servers, one at a time The.

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  1. PS/2 Keyboard Hardware Protocol Information? 18 Posted by Cliff on Tuesday February 27, 2001 @05:02PM from the building-your-own dept. j-r charles asks: I need to design a 12 key keypad that plugs into a PS2 port INSTEAD of the standard PC keyboard
  2. Siemens SIPART PS2 Positioner , SIPART PS2 Positioner, Benefits of SIPART PS2 Positioner , SIPART PS2-Flameproof Benefits of SIPART PS2 Positioner
  3. Although PS/2 is a two-way communication bus, this library does not provide MCU-to-keyboard communication; e.g. pressing the Caps Lock key will not turn on the Caps Lock LED. External dependencies of PS/2 Library. The following variables must be defined in all projects using PS/2 Library
  4. Mousedev will generate either PS/2, ImPS/2 (Microsoft IntelliMouse) or ExplorerPS/2 (IntelliMouse Explorer) protocols, depending on what the program reading the data wishes. You can set GPM and X to any of these. You'll need ImPS/2 if you want to make use of a wheel on a USB mouse and ExplorerPS/2 if you want to use extra (up to 5) buttons
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UML Protocol State Machine Diagrams. UML protocol state machine diagrams are used to express a usage protocol or a lifecycle of some classifier.It shows which operations of the classifier may be called in each state of the classifier, under which specific conditions, and satisfying some optional postconditions after the classifier transitions to a target state Hi, in this tutorial we'll try to interface a PS2 wireless controller with Arduino UNO board, it is very interesting since all the controller's buttons would be inputs for the Arduino board and not only that but also wireless, using 2.4GHz Radio Frequency communication protocol, which can be very useful to control robots, vehicles, servo Rat anti Mouse CD49d monoclonal antibody, clone PS/2 recognizes murine alpha 4 integrin (CD49d), a ~150 kDa single pass type I membrane glycoprotein that can associate with either beta 1 integrin (CD29) or beta 7 integrin to form heterodimers CD49d/CD29 (VLA-4) and alpha4/beta7 (LPAM-1) respectively (Holzmann et al. 1989).CD49d is expressed on most lymphocytes, granulocytes, monocytes and. computer-engineering.or You may also need additional drivers under the Mice menu to support your touchpad. i.e. Synaptics PS/2 mouse protocol extension. The touchpad may also be USB, not PS/2. If you are unsure, select multiple drivers and check what the kernel uses later with lspci -k

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Documentation - Arm Develope Descargar Juegos para PS2 nunca fue tan sencillo, disfruta de nuestra extensa lista de juegos en todos los generos disponibles, desde juegos de acción hasta autos PS2 Controllers Features. Everyone knows Sony game consoles called PlayStation, and you have probably held it at least once. Sony game controllers have 12 analog keys sensitive to pressure, (4 keys for direction, 4 operation keys, Cross, Triangle, Circle, and Square, L1, L2, R1, and R2) and 5 digital keys (MODE, START, SELECT, R3, L3) and 2 analog joysticks Download Synaptics PS/2 & SMBus Driver 19..19.13 (Keyboard & Mouse) Synaptics' TouchPad device drivers are customized and supported by notebook manufacturers to meet specific driver requirements for their individual products Converts PS/2 Keyboard to RS232 Serial Keyboard A small low-cost module to convert a PC wired or wireless keyboard (PS2 and most USB) to an RS232 serial keyboard. PS2ADPT removes the real-time response requirement imposed by the PC keyboard protocol and translates the complex keycode sequences into the simple ASCII (serial) characters printed on the keyboard keys

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For more extensive protocols groups of functions and structures may be encapsulated in subVI to allow code reuse and make the code more modular and manageable. SPI Output. As our first example we implement the SPI timing diagram shown above in Figure 1 above. Communication using the SPI protocol consists of packets of data sent between two devices Without looking too closely at the other products, I quickly purchased the KE18-XTAT-PS/2 which converts an XT keyboard into a PS/2 protocol keyboard for $55. I was ecstatic that there was at least something to get me into PS/2 land, because at that point I knew I could easily find a PS/2 to USB converter Our protocol converters change older XT keyboards to PS/2 or USB, and can also translate PS/2 to XT for use on older computers or CNC machines that use the XT keyboard input. About Hagstrom Electronics, Inc

PS/2 Protocol A transfer may be initiated by the keyboard if the Clock line is high. The host (FPGA in this case) may force the Clock low in order to prevent the keyboard from sending data - the host may inhibit communication. Note that the keyboard generates the clock Ripyl protocols¶. The Ripyl library supports a number of protocols for decoding. Protocol decoders can be layered on top of each other. This creates a distinction between base level decoders that operate on raw sample or edge data and higher level decoders that work with the results of a lower level decoder Serial Protocols . Differences between I2C and SMBus. In general, the I2C bus and SMBus are compatible, but there are some subtle differences between the two that could cause some problems. The following tables summarize the differences between the two buses.. FireWire (IEEE 1394 en 1394b) is een seriële computer bustechnologie ontworpen als vervanging van SCSI.FireWire heeft daarnaast een (zij het kleinere) plek veroverd in de computerwereld en consumentenelektronica naast USB 2.0.De FireWire is tevens bekend onder de namen IEEE 1394, IEEE 1394b

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